It’s that time of year again. The almost palpable feeling of one season clicking over to another, heralded by the end of the long summer holidays, the buying of new school shoes and (inevitably) the frantic race to complete holiday projects! Children are understandably excited to see their friends after a long break, but the excitement is possibly mixed with the trepidation of moving up a year, new teachers and probably a bit more homework.


Our work to support schools in the next round of CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) and SCA (School Condition Allocation) funding is just beginning. We work with schools at this time of year, every year, which means that the team at SDBF have similar feelings to the children going back to school. We anticipate new projects, look forward to working with new clients, and prepare ourselves for busy days in the office designing new spaces and writing reports to complement the funding bids.


Last year we achieved a 50% success rate with CIF bids and 60% success with SCA bids. This success was even more precious than usual, as it was set against the backdrop of the restrictions presented by COVID, and the labour and material difficulties that everyone has been experiencing as a result. In spite of all the difficulties, our projects went ahead, albeit at a slightly slower pace than usual.


If your school needs to reimagine or update its existing building; if an extension is needed; help required with a leaking roof; or the heating, electrics or fire alarm systems need upgrading; we are here to help. We have all the experience and expertise to provide designs to suit your needs, to liaise with expert consultants on mechanical and electrical matters, and submit funding applications on your behalf.


So, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck for the new school year ahead. As ever, we are looking forward to this new year and are ready to help with the new funding projects this will bring.