The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a new addition to the menu bar on our website – the top right-hand space is now occupied by a crowned lion – the symbol the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


This logotype symbolising the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, (known as the RICS), is an identity mark standing for a globally recognised professional body, whose work is dedicated to effecting positive change in the built and natural environments. This work includes influencing policy, maintaining standards, protecting consumers and businesses, innovation, and progressing the development of spaces and places for future generations.



What regulation means for SDBF, is that we have joined the thousands of professional firms regulated by the RICS, practicing to globally recognised ethical and professional standards. In order to be able to do this, we had to meet various criteria, not least of which is that our business comprises a highly qualified team of MRICS or FRICS qualified principals.

By affiliating with the RICS in this way, we have made a public commitment to work to the high standards of the RICS, but also in turn for the RICS to verify that this is indeed the case.



The commitment we have made is to:

  • Practice to globally recognised standards
  • To act with integrity and honesty and to behave ethically
  • To ensure we have all necessary skills
  • To manage conflicts of interest transparently
  • To safeguard the security of clients’ money
  • To manage our own finances appropriately
  • To provide adequate and appropriate indemnity for our work
  • To handle any complaints and disputes fairly


In essence, we have publicly committed to embedding best practice in all that we do, and found a new way to show to our clients that we can be trusted to deliver to the highest standards.


The RICS provides firms regulated in this way, with guidance and support on embedding best practice through professional standards. This includes:


  • Business systems and process improvements
  • Use of international standards in everyday practice
  • Fostering transparency
  • Helping to identify and manage risks


Firm Certificate for SDBF Building Consultancy

For us, this represents an additional layer of confidence and security for our clients, showing that we can be trusted to deliver to the highest standards of service, whether it is in surveying, architectural design, project management or capital funding for schools.


Regulation is another means of showing our commitment, passion and professional expertise in surveying and architectural design, to deliver better places for people to live, learn, work, gather and enjoy.